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Best SEO tools and tricks for new YouTubers

Hi friends today I am going to inform you about YouTube video SEO. If you have a new YouTube channel this article is very important for you.

What is YouTube video SEO?

YouTube video SEO is the short from of search engine optimization to show you video in the top of YouTube or Google search. SEO is very important for now YouTubers. Because SEO can give them a
huge amount of subscribers.

YouTube video SEO
Best trick

1.First you need to know that how YouTube work. YouTube not show fake or spam video in the top of its search. So don't make video on spam or fake news.

2.If you are a new youtuber,  you need  to upload video Daily,  Because YouTube
Promote those channel who update there
Video daily and continuesly. can make  a blog wapsite to promote
Your YouTube video with some article.
If you blog become famous you can also make money from your blog.

4.Make your video as short as you can. Because watching time of you video is very important for SEO. If visitor not watch your video 60% , YouTube will not show your video to next visitor. So make short and true video , it will help you to grow up in YouTube.

4.make a telegram channel based on your
YouTube channel topic and invite those people whom have interest on the topic.

5. Open a Facebook page for your YouTube channel and update daily post on it . Facebook can give you a huge amount of subscribe. can also promote your video on what's app . Just join some what's app group and promote your YouTube video by sending SMS on what's app.


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