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why some people use Duckduckgo

DuckDuckGo has been a profitable company since 2014 without storing or sharing any personal information of people using DuckDDuckd search engine. It’s actually a big myth that search engines need to track your personal search history to make money or deliver quality search results. Almost all of the money search engines make (including Google) is based on the keywords you type in. Because  search advertisers buy search ads by bidding on keywords. So, people some people use Duckduckgo for privacy .

SEO search engine optimization

Know what is Wapsite SEO Hi friends, today I am going to inform you about wapsite SEO. Wapsite SEO is very important for a wapsite maker , developer. What is SEO? SEO is the short from of search engine optimization. If  you open a new website or blog SEO is very important for you. If you want more visitors on your website You need to inform some search engine about your website. The way you use to inform search engine about your website is called SEO (search engine optimization) You can can submit your website is Google search console or you can say Google webmaster tool. Google webmaster tools is the main way to bring you website in the top of Google search  rankings or results. You can also use bing webmaster tool for your website SEO. If you want to submit your website in all search engines at once visit:

link short and earn money-PPC

PPC link short earning money Hi friends Today I am going to inform you about PPC (link short and earn money).PPC means paid per click. PPC is very good earning method. You will find find many wapsite who offer you to short any link and earn money from it. But you need to very careful. Because , in this time most of them fake and they never pay you. So first justify then use.In my next article I will teach you about short link promotion and trusted link shortner wapsite.

Convert your Android device into DSLR

Take photos like DSLR from your android phone.100% working! Convert your android phone into DSLR. Best way to take background blur photo From your android phone. You can use it On any android phone. Automatically blur Photos background. App Download link: Blog site: Blur photo editing:

Top unlimited free hosting for you

Ok guys today I am going to inform you about top free hosting sites that you can use to host a wapsite like WordPress, php, html and other wapsite for free. Free hosting is best for  beginner wapsite developer who is new is this site. Some time you have not enough money to buy Paid hosting. So this article is very important for you. is one of the best free hosting wapsite that allow you to host you Wapsite for free. They give you SSD storage in free hosting. You will get unlimited disk space , unlimited bandwidth, wapsite builder, no ads etc. There support is very good. Infinity free Infinity free is free web hosting service. They provide completely free web hosting. Infinity free is good for free web hosting.You can host any type on wapsite On infinity free. They provide you unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, free web site builder. 000webhost 000webhost provide you free web hosting. 000webhost has  Dedicated ban

back links

Shor t description: Back links is very important for New wapsite. Back links generate visitors to your website.Back link is important for Google search rankings. Back links means , a link in other wapsite that leads you wapsite. If any one post you Wapsite link in his own wapsite or you post or comment your website link in other wapsite it can be called your website back links.If you use advertising network to promote your website , advertising network show your website ads in other wapsite.So it is your website back link. If you open and new website , back links can help you to grow up you wapsite visitors.It also help you to get top in Google search rankings. Social media is One of the big source of back link. you can use Facebook , Twitter, quora to generate back links for you website. If you have a YouTube channel you can add you website link in your video description box.

Best SEO tools and tricks for new YouTubers

Hi friends today I am going to inform you about YouTube video SEO. If you have a new YouTube channel this article is very important for you. What is YouTube video SEO? YouTube video SEO is the short from of search engine optimization to show you video in the top of YouTube or Google search. SEO is very important for now YouTubers. Because SEO can give them a huge amount of subscribers. YouTube video SEO #free_promotion Best trick 1.First you need to know that how YouTube work. YouTube not show fake or spam video in the top of its search. So don't make video on spam or fake news. 2.If you are a new youtuber,  you need  to upload video Daily,  Because YouTube Promote those channel who update there Video daily and continuesly. can make  a blog wapsite to promote Your YouTube video with some article. If you blog become famous you can also make money from your blog. 4.Make your video as short as you can. Because watching time of you video is very importan