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Bing webmaster submission

Bing webmaster submission is so easy. First go to the webmaster wab page: Open bing webmaster   Then sign up and they will ask you for you wapsite. Then give them your wapsite link. You have done.   

Best blur photo edit tool in Android

Friends, many times you want to blur your photos with the help of android. But you can not give it correctly. You can get many apps in the play store for blurring the image. But most of them do not work. I see the best  App is afterfocus. It blur in the way it is worth it can give. One of the features of the app is its Choice Tool. It can easily identify objects. As a result, it can be blurred by background can do. There are three types of blur options  in the app. You can also give some effect with the app. The app has two  version. There is a way to use the app in the video attached to the language  is Bangla. Download the app