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How to submit your website in all search engines at once to get traffic?

Today I am going to show you how to submit your website in all search engines
at once. It is so simple. You just need to go
On a wapsite . They help you to submit your website in all search engines at once.Search engine submit is very important for your website SEO. The most of your website traffic comes from search engines like Google, yahoo, bing etc. How ever ,The wapsite name is entireweb.

Click here to visit entireweb

You just need to submit your website domain and your email address. They will
sent you a verification link . After providing the domain and email, you will get the link.
Now click on the link and wait, they will automatically submit your website in all search engines. Sometimes you get a error.
Don't worry, just re-submit you website in

If you have any question comment me. I will try
my best to help you.No more today.

How much Google AdSense pay per 1k/1000 views ?

Today I am show you how much Google pay
Per 1k view or impression .
The paying amount is various form country to country.
If you impression come from USA, UAE, France, Singapore,Australia, Japan etc well developed country AdSense pay you at least
$1 USD and up to $50 USD . Because, in my
experience , you will get 30-40 click in 1k
impression. The CPC of well developed country at least 0.80 USD and up to 55 USD
(in my experience: I get the highest CPC is 51 USD from USA). So you can calculate the
revenue you will get!

(What is CPC: CPC is a amount that Google AdSense pay you per successful click in
Your website or YouTube or Android ads)

But , in a developing country like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, etc the CPC is very
Low. The CPC is at least 0.01 USD ( sometimes 0.00 USD) and up to 1.5 USD.
So you will get at least .80-.90 USD  and up to 5 USD from the developing country.