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Top ways to save FB account from hackers.

Today we talk about top Facebook
hacking tricks and how to save
From them.Read the post to know,
How to save your FB account from hackers.

1.If any one or any Facebook friend
 told you to Login on a link with your 
Facebook email and password, don't login
in .it's called phishing hack. If you go into the link , the link page is look like the Facebook login page.If you login into the link, the hacker got the login information .

First, The hacker become friend with the 
target one. Then the hacker  achieve the
trust of the victim. Lastly the hacker send
The phishing link to the victim.
Sometimes Facebook automatically detect
Phishing link and block it. 
If you are using a computer, you can go in virus guard and enable the spam link detection to stay safe.

2.Don't use free or public WiFi networks.
Hacker can host a Facebook like wapsite on open WiFi networks.
If you are using a public WiFi , always use
If  you are using a single password like
Mobile number, you name, even a beginner hacker
Can guess your password and Huck into your 
So, Don't use simple password.

Make your password strong using


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